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Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits (4C)


*Key 4C papers are marked in bold. Working papers have not yet been peer reviewed.

Carbon Credits

"PACT Tropical Moist Forest Accreditation Methodology v1.0", Andrew Balmford, David Coomes, James Hartup, Sadiq Jaffer, Srinivasan Keshav, Miranda Lam, Anil Madhavapeddy, E-Ping Rau, Thomas Swinfield, Charlotte Wheeler. Working paper on Cambridge Open Engage, May 2023.

"Carbon Credibility Threatens Forests", Andrew Balmford, Pedro HS Brancalion, David Coomes, Ben Filewod, Ben Groom, Alejandro Guizar-Coutiño, Julie PG Jones, Srinivasan Keshav, Andreas Kontoleon, Anil Madhavapeddy, Yadvinder Malhi, Erin O Sills, Bernardo BN Strassburg, Frank Venmans, Thales AP West, Charlotte Wheeler and Tom Swinfield. Science, May 2023.

"Cambridge Carbon Impact: Evaluating carbon credit claims and co-benefits", Tom Swinfield and Andrew Balmford. Working paper on Cambridge Open Engage, March 2023.

"The value of impermanent carbon credits", Andrew Balmford, Srinivasan Keshav, Frank Venmans, David Coomes, Ben Groom, Anil Madhavapeddy, Thomas Swinfield. Working paper (Jan 2023), Cambridge Open Engage.
Abstract: A new framework linking economics with remote-sensing means impermanent carbon reduction can be directly compared with permanent drawdown.

Additionality, Permanence and Leakage

"The global impact of EU forest protection policies", Gianluca Cerullo, Jos Barlow, Matthew Betts, David Edwards, Alison Eyres, Filipe França, Rachael Garret, Thomas Swinfield, Eleanor Tew, Thomas White, Andrew BalmfordScience, August 2023.

"Enhancing the ecological value of oil palm agriculture through set-asides", Jake E Bicknell, Jesse R O’Hanley, Paul R Armsworth, Eleanor M Slade, Nicolas J Deere, Simon L Mitchell, David Hemprich-Bennett, Victoria Kemp, Stephen J Rossiter, Owen T Lewis, David A Coomes, Agnes L Agama, Glen Reynolds, Matthew J Struebig, Zoe G Davies. Nature Sustainability, Feb 2023.

"A global evaluation of the effectiveness of voluntary REDD+ projects at reducing deforestation and degradation in the moist tropics", Alejandro Guizar-Coutiño, Julia P G Jones, Andrew Balmford, Rachel Carmenta, David A Coomes. Conservation Biology 36(6), Dec 2022.

"Elevated fires during COVID-19 lockdown and the vulnerability of protected areas", Johanna Eklund, Julia P. G. Jones, Matti Räsänen, Jonas Geldmann, Ari-Pekka Jokinen, Adam Pellegrini, Domoina Rakotobe, O. Sarobidy Rakotonarivo, Tuuli Toivonen, Andrew Balmford. Nature Sustainability (vol 5, pg 603–609), May 2022.

"The role of different governance regimes in reducing native vegetation conversion and promoting regrowth in the Brazilian Amazon", Helena N. Alves-Pinto, Carlos L.O. Cordeiro, Jonas Geldmann, Harry D. Jonas, Marilia Palumbo Gaiarsa, Andrew Balmford, James E.M. Watson, Agnieszka Ewa Latawiec, Bernardo Strassburg. Biological Conservation (267), Feb 2022.

"A global-level assessment of the effectiveness of protected areas at resisting anthropogenic pressures", Jonas Geldmann, Andrea Manica, Neil D. Burgess, Lauren Coad, Andrew Balmford. PNAS (Vol 116 No. 46), Oct 2019.

"Protected area effectiveness in reducing conversion in a rapidly vanishing ecosystem: the Brazilian Cerrado", Tharsila Carranza, Andrew Balmford, Valerie Kapos, & Andrea Manica. Conservation Letters (00, pg 1-8). 2013.

Remote Sensing

"A Case for Planetary Computing", Amelia HolcombMichael DalesPatrick FerrisSadiq JafferThomas SwinfieldAlison EyresAndrew BalmfordDavid CoomesSrinivasan KeshavAnil MadhavapeddyWorking paper on arXiv (2303.04501), March 2023.

"Surveying coconut trees using high-resolution satellite imagery in remote atolls of the Pacific Ocean", Juepeng Zheng, Shuai Yuan, Wenzhao Wu, Weijia Li, Le Yu, Haohuan Fu, David Coomes. Remote Sensing of Environment (Vol 287) March 2023.

"Robust Single-Image Tree Diameter Estimation with Mobile Phones", Amelia Holcomb, Linze Tong, Srinivasan Keshav. Remote Sensing 15(3). Jan 2023.

"Unsupervised Diffusion and Volume Maximization-Based Clustering of Hyperspectral Images", Sam L Polk, Kangning Cui, Aland HY Chan, David A Coomes, Robert J Plemmons, James M Murphy. Remote Sensing (Vol 15, Issue 4). Jan 2023.