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Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits (4C)



If you are a student who wishes to study at Cambridge, then please check the following resources:

  • The AI4ER CDT scholarships site has a number of resources for the MPhil (and eventually Ph.D.) program in the doctoral training centre.
  • Our individual department websites (e.g. computer science's) have information on applying directly.

In either case, feel free to contact any of the faculty in 4C directly to discuss a possible application ahead of time.


We are establishing worldwide collaborations around the space of trusted carbon credits, so if you are a researcher who wishes to work with us, please contact the relevant faculty directly and we'd be pleased to discuss topics.

If you are looking for a postdoctoral or engineering position based in Cambridge, then we will be advertising multiple posts shortly. Please keep an eye on the news section or contact any of the principal investigators with your CV and interests.


If you are a potential purchaser of carbon credits and wish to use our marketplace, then we will have an MVP available in early 2022 and an open version in late 2022. Feel free to contact us sooner if you have a particularly pressing need or like to work on the Tezos infrastructure involved (e.g. with integrations to other smart contracts).

Landowners and project managers

If you are a landowner or project manager who wishes to sell carbon credits on our marketplace, then we will have an analysis engine available in early 2022. If you'd like us to look into a quick additionality/leakage/permanence analysis ahead of that, then please get in touch directly.

Potential partners

Please contact us at this email address: