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Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits (4C)

We launched the Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits (4C) in early November 2021.  Our first goal is to scale up the supply of deforestation avoidance carbon credits in order to halt tropical deforestation as soon as possible. We have published software prototypes and original science on the topic.

Our Approach

The Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits (4C) is creating digital tools and a trusted, decentralized platform to help purchasers of carbon credits to confidently and directly fund trusted deforestation avoidance projects, bringing together corporate funders and conservationists via automated and transparent smart contracting tools.

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If you're a conservation organisation interested in using our digital carbon credits calculation platform to issue robust credits, please get in touch. We are currently operating on moist tropical forests, with a view to expanding out to other forests (seasonal dry, temperate, and coastal mangroves) in a future phase.

If you're a Web3 developer who wants to help with the development or integration of our Tezos smart contracts, then please see our prototype code and paper in ICBC2024.

Latest news

Introducing a new framework for assessing justice and equity impacts of nature-based solutions projects

1 May 2024

Nature-based solutions (NbS) present a promising approach for protecting biodiversity while meeting ambitious climate targets, but there is growing international concern that they are sometimes linked to significant justice and equity concerns. Current reporting practices often require only superficial descriptions of how...

Global, robust and comparable digital carbon assets

27 April 2024

Carbon credits purchased in the voluntary carbon market allow unavoidable emissions (such as from international flights for essential travel) to be offset by an equivalent climate benefit, such as avoiding emissions from tropical deforestation. However, many concerns regarding the credibility of these offsetting claims...

4C in the University annual sustainability report

26 March 2024

The University of Cambridge's annual sustainability report for last year is now available online here , and provides details of the University's efforts towards reducing our collective impact on the planet. 4C has been working closely with the University towards a common understanding of when and where offsets should be...

The Global Challenge

The world is facing simultaneous biodiversity and climate crises. Pressure is mounting from governments and the general public to rapidly roll out a global programme of well-executed nature-based solutions to sequester several giga-tons of carbon each year and protect biodiversity.

Over 100 world leaders at COP26 pledged to end deforestation by 2030. Our urgent challenge is figuring out how to verify that deforestation solutions are working, and tracking the associated carbon credits used to offset necessary emissions.