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Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits (4C)


4C is committed to releasing all of our research outputs under open source licenses, so that they can be freely reused and modified. If you do have improvements you would like to contribute back, please feel free to open up an issue on the relevant code repository.  Where source code has not yet been released, this is because it is currently under peer review and will be made available on request.  Where data has not yet been released, this is often because we have reverse engineered some necessary dataset and are determining the appropriate license for it for open release with the upstream stakeholders.


  • Tropical Moist Forest (TMF) Accreditation Methodology: This is available under a CC-by-4.0 license.

Source Code

Copyright on the code is held by the individual contributors, and repositories are licensed under a permissive BSD3MIT or ISC license.


All of our publications are available under open access where permitted by the publisher, and otherwise a preprint is linked. If you have any trouble accessing any of the papers please feel free to contact any of the authors for a copy.


  • The data and code containers that form the TMF evaluation pipeline are all available from
  • The results of the TMF v2.0 project evaluations are currently under peer review and available on request.
  • The results of the LIFE v1.0 persistence maps are currently under peer review and available on request.