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Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits (4C)


At 4C, we are committed to making sure our digital methodologies are peer-reviewed and meet our goal of accelerating the hard work of conservation projects on the ground in the tropical belt.  So as we prepare to publish the first version of our digital MRV and Tezos offsetting platform, we are excited to be participating in the Gold Standard working groups on digital solutions for carbon markets.

There are three separate working groups, and 4C will be participating in all of them. Firstly, the digital assets WG looks at the role of blockchain to track carbon credits in decentralised environments, and we will be making sure that our Tezos-based platform is compatible with the Gold Standard guidances here. Secondly, the open APIs and digital infrastructure WG looks into how new digital methodologies can increase the robustness of carbon credit calculations.  And thirdly, the digital MRV WG looks into the nitty gritty details of how to turn earth observations into meaningful carbon metrics (such as biomass calculations).

As with the IC-VCM consultation earlier in the year that we took part in, the discussions are initially closed, but we will be publishing public comment just as soon as the working groups reaches consensus later this year.  If you're interested in having your views represented in this group by us immediately, please get in touch!